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Our method helps to make sure projects run smoothly and are as transparent as possible.



Initial Engagement

We drive our initial engagement with discovery in mind.  What are you looking to achieve is more important than what technology you should use.  Having an initial discovery phase helps to drive out the core solution.

Our Approach

We learn from each department collectively rather than taking a segmented view of the world.  We focus on gaining information about your needs and any issues you would like to overcome. This allows us to offer solutions that are centered around you.




Prototypes can be produced based on our initial engagement. This can be based on existing systems and our understanding of your needs, allowing you to see the art of the possible and how your solution could look, once completed.

"We promote an open door policy"

Building Your Solution

We build your products with you, providing stakeholder access throughout the life-cycle. Project requirements can and probably will change, so if you feel things are not going in the right direction, we take an agile approach to keep things on track.



Quality Control

Testing is a task and is treated as such.  We make sure that attention-to-detail is paramount, keeping constant control over the quality of the solution.  Testing often when changes are made and delivering these features in smaller chunks means that there is no need for monolithic test runs at the end of a project.


Once you are happy we publish your solution to our production environment so that all of your team and customers can see the final product. We fully support you through the bedding in period to make sure you are 100% happy.


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