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  • Garry Moorhead

Bespoke Development Myth Busting

We live in a time where if we need something then it is generally available to us. With access to digital content and applications, we have an almost inexhaustible set of solutions that are ready to be utilised at the drop of a hat. Apple coined the slogan:

"There's an app for that".

Software as a Service is here and now and as a business owner we can download and licence tools that manage our business workflows with the only caveat that configuration and training would need to be incorporated.

However, even with all these applications available to us, there are still situations where the software you are using is not quite the right fit for your business, such as:

  • You start making compromises in your processes by adapting to inefficient functionality.

  • When you need a change, this costs an arm-and-a-leg for the simple addition of something like a text box.

  • As your teams grow in numbers, so do your costs on a per-user basis licencing model.

These scenarios may not be for all businesses but are commonly encountered.

Maybe a bespoke solution or a hybrid of one is something you have started to consider.

When we think of bespoke solutions, we utter terms like, ‘Luxury’, ‘Expensive’, ‘Tailored’.

Bespoke, by its very definition, means ‘specifically made for a particular person’.

So if you are looking for something that fits your business model, then a bespoke option is an excellent avenue for you to explore. It is a myth that these are always expensive, as it depends on what you want and who you partner with on any project. It is also not something that needs to be long-winded and from scratch every time. Bespoke solutions can come in many guises:

  • Add-ons for existing systems to allow for greater integrations.

  • Generating reporting dashboards to collate existing information into meaningful informatics.

  • Making changes to existing systems such as add-ons and enhancements.

  • Customisation of off-the-shelf solutions to create an app that is tailored for your unique workflows.

Here at Simply Ones and Zeros, we take the hassle out of this for you. We can meet with your team and see how a unique solution could fit for your business. See our method on how we engage with you and run projects in a transparent, iterative fashion.

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