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  • Garry Moorhead

Having the Right IT to Streamline Tourism and Hospitality

Information technology plays a crucial role in hospitality and tourism. The need for effective IT solutions has accelerated over the last decade with the introductions of social media and innovative ways for online booking, making it an essential part of a successful business.

Technology has assisted this sector by reducing the amount of manual intensive tasks, as well as provided services that guests expect when they come to visit or stay.

Here are some examples of the ways that IT plays a big part in the Hospitality and Tourism industry:

Online Marketing

Your digital footprint is the gateway to how you are perceived by your existing and future customers. A customers first impression of your business is usually your website, so ensuring it is impactful and up-to-date is crucial. Sharing customer experiences, pictures and reviews are great ways to ensure you gain bookings. Also, by utilising advertising, social media, blogs and providing online facilities for easy booking, after all, this is what your competitors will be doing!

On-Demand, Secure Internet Access

The Internet has become a staple in our everyday lives, and ensuring that you have a means to get your customers online is crucial. Previously, providing open WIFI solutions was a cost-effective means to connect your customers to the world-wide-web. However, in a world that requires greater levels of connectivity, security must be of critical concern. Therefore, providing connectivity through a secure, robust solution is critical.

Computers and Systems that Work

Having IT systems that work effectively is a must in this industry. During peak times, being able to check in your guests, view table bookings, and ensure crucial information is logged and shared is expected. Your computers should not be a bottleneck to that services.

Cloud Services for Email and Collaboration

Software products as a service are becoming part of the majority of businesses today. Previous large scale server solutions are being replaced or supplemented with services such as Microsoft 365. These services ensure you have a robust setup to handle email communication, team collaboration and governance across your IT estate. Email in particular is seen as an essential means to ensure your customers can communicate directly when telephone calls are not an option.

How can we Help?

Our in-house team of experts can assist in providing constructive feedback on ways and means to assist you on your digitalisation journey. Assistance on recommending the best hardware, advice on innovative new technologies and the experience to put this all together to ensure you have a clear pathway through our custom business technology roadmap, made just for you. Please get in touch for a no obligation conversation.



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